About Us

We have being in business since 2001 and have offices in California and Florida. We carry few different brands and carry the top sellers from each brand to provide quality products to our customers.

What we really do?

We offer the most reasonable wholesale prices to our customers, so they are able to make a good margin and even wholesale it on their website if needed.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the biggest wholesaler that carries major brand and become a one stop shop for all our customers.

History of the Company

We started out as a small retailer back in 2001 and after moving to California in 2015 we decided to expand to wholesale and close our retail portion, over the years with the help of contacts we made, we were able to negotiate better pricing and also started importing our own products on our best sellers to be able to give our products at a better pricing.

Cooperate with Us!

I believe together we can make a winning formula, where everyone is successful, We will offer dropship opportunities to our customers that want to use us for drop shipping products that they sell on their own websites.

What can we do for you ?

email us anytime you have any issue and someone will get back to you asap, or you can reach us monday to friday by calling us at 407-973-4589.

We ship most orders same day or next day.

Customer service is our top proiority, we want to make sure we serve our customer to best of our capability and process their orders quickly and efficiently.